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Gold-Plated Green Kundan-Studded & Pearl Beaded Jewellery Set

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šŸ’³ šššš² š–š¢š­š” š‚š«šžšš¢š­ š‚ššš«š šŽš« šš«šžš©ššš¢š š‚ššš«š š“š”š«š®

šŸ’¬ šˆšŸ š˜šØš® š–ššš§š­ š“šØ šššš² šš² šƒšžš›š¢š­ š‚ššš«š š“š”šžš§ š‚šØš§š­šššœš­ šŽš§ š–š”ššš­š¬š€š©š© š–šžš›š¬š¢š­šž ššØš­ š€šœšœšžš©š­ šƒšžš›š¢š­ š‚ššš«š

šŸ…æļø š—£š—®š˜†š—£š—®š—¹ š—£š—®š˜†š—ŗš—²š—»š˜ š—¢š—½š˜š—¶š—¼š—»š˜€ š—”š˜ƒš—®š—¶š—¹š—®š—Æš—¹š—²


This jewellery set consists of a choker, a pair of earrings and a finger ring
Gold-Plated and green choker, has white kundan-studded and beaded detail
Secured with a drawstring closure
A pair of matching drop earrings, each secured with post and back closure
Gold-toned adjustable finger ring, has white kundan-studded and pearls

Size & Fit

Necklace Length: 35 cm
Earring Length: 6 cm
Ring Diameter: 2 cm

Material & Care

Material: Alloy
Plated: Gold-Plated
Stone type: Kundan

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